FAOZ Theater Production Company, LLC
Acting Classes & Rehersals
October 2022
October 2022

ACTING Classes $25.00
Per- hour
MON-TUE SUNDAY, October 2022
ACTING Classes $25.00 Per-Hour

              FAOZ Theater Production Company (Regular night rehearsals)

             Monday 7:30pm - Wednesday 7:30pm -Thursday 7:30pm -

         Acting Classes Monday-Saturday 4:30pm-7:00pm Tuesday-Sunday 4:30pm - 7:00pm

              Open to General Public Monthly  every 3rd Sunday Empowerment Session Speakers 7:30 pm

FAOZ Cast & Crew members regular evening/night rehearsals prepare the cast & crew for all stage play productions.  All cast members are expected to be committed, dedicated, and on time for all rehearsals.


If you are unable to make rehearsals/practices the understudy will perform in your absence (good cause: example family emergency or sick leave).  If you miss more than two or three rehearsals/practices the understudy will play the role; Dress rehearsals are sincerely important and necessary! if you are unable to make the dress rehearsal the night before the show the understudy will play the role.  All roles and the stage play copyrights are subject to changes according to the CEO/Director/ Asst. Director or stage manager.                                                         CALL CEO -Yolonda Stewart if you have questions! (803)-556-4518



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FAOZ Theater & Production Company, LLC Women Empowerment Workshop 3rd Sunday Monthly

Professional Motivational Speaker: TBA


                                    FULL CAST STAGE PERFORMANCES

                                                 Dinner Theater 

                               Directed & written by Yolonda Sims Stewart

                                           Friday October 14th, 2022

                                       7494 Parklane Rd Columbia SC 29223


                               Desperate for LOVE When Live Beats You Down!

We all experience hardships, and restless nights, tears of sadness, different life battles with relationships, finances, and past live traumas. However, in this life we have hope when life beats us down. There is a time to cry, a time to celebrate, and a time to cast away old stones, but at the end of the day we all need a shoulder to cry on. All human beings need comfort, assurance, encouragement, strength, wisdom, empowerment, and love. So, when life beat on your good intentions, seek out the most trusting advice, the best supportive teacher, friend, pastor, counselor, advisor and or true modeled QUEENS. The message to learn is quickly beware of the Drama Queens, that one person or persons who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way

                        Written by CEO and Entertainment Consultant-Copyright © Oct 11, 2017, Dr. Yolonda Sims-Stewart FTPC, LLC 



  • Behind the Shadows a Woman's Nightmare

  • Love & Different Shades


  • DESAPARATE FOR LOVE "Message It's Time to Heal

All Stage Plays and Screen Plays are owed and Written by CEO & Entertainment Consultant-Copyright © Privileges -Productions are created by Dr. Yolonda Sims-Stewart FTPC, LLC- Owner  Copyright © 2017. 


The Yolonda's Story-(Summer 2023-Place TBA)

Dreams Can Come True- 

The supernatural power of God declares and It is believed that it is your subconscious self that speaks to you through your dreams. Dreams can be the means by which your mind tells you that you need a change in life. Dreams also can mean discovering who and who’s you are. A young lady learns that her dreams were never denied nor delayed, “Time and chance happen to ALL.”  A young woman discovers all her gifts and talents during many overcoming battles of life.  She discovers that all things good and bad build confidence, self-worth, faith, resilience, and mental awareness  Written by CEO & Entertainment Consultant Copyright © 2019 -

Dr. Yolonda -Sims-Stewart FTPC, LLC  (Date and Time, place TBA)


FAOZ Theater & Production Company, LLC READERS THEATER/Acting classes 

Come out and enjoy a night of Readers Theater FAOZ Production Company business location 1509 Lady Street Columbia SC 29201 Coordinated by CEO Board of Directors Stewart & Stewart Monday Evenings 7:30pm


​Empowerment Workshop & Small Skits / Acting Classes

Come out and enjoy a Sunday evening fellowship with CEO featured guest and empowering topics of discussion at the FAOZ Theater Production Company business location 1509 Lady Street Columbia SC 29201(TBA)  Coordinated by Yolonda Sims Stewart (Professional Guest Speakers)



​FAOZ Theater & Production Company, LLC Talent Night/Auditions 

Come out and enjoy a night of music, signing true pure entertainment (Cast and local entertainers) Thursday nights and or when announced. 


                       For more information, you may call CEO Yolonda Stewart (803)-556-4518


    $25.00 per- hour session 


Monday- Tuesday -Saturday  - Sunday


  for more  info. Call (803)-556-4518