LIVE Stage Performance

"Grandma Sadie & The Family Barbeque"
Friday January 21st-  Saturday January 22nd, 2022
Reception 6:30pm -Live Show 7:30pm
Booker T. Washington Auditorium 

Synopsis: "Grandma Sadie & the family BBQ" is when family and friends come together to have a really good time.  During the family BBQ you will see how secrets are exposed and how family sometimes can be your worst nightmare, or can be the best support system, and you will learn during this amazing story how LOVE still tends to love even when your biological family evils and dysfunctions tend to burn the core of the heart.  Grandma Sadie BBQ role plays life emotional distresses that most times affect the mind, spirit, heart and soul.  


The message to learn is to quickly forgive, and choose to love.  "Grandma Sadie & the family BBQ" is all so real.  Remember, FAMILY is not always BLOOD!

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Dr. Yolonda Yvette Sims-Stewart 

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 FAOZ Theater Production Co. LLC 
"Grandma' Sadie & The Family Barbeque"
Written by 
Dr. Yolonda Y. Sims Stewart 
Friday January 21st- Saturday January 22nd 2022 
Reception 6:30pm and Stage Show 7:30pm
1400 Wheat Street Columbia SC 29208

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Ticket Price: $25.00/ cash app $Yysims54 or pay at the door!
FAOZ in partnership with City of Columbia Empowerment Zone. INC.


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